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That Moment When

That moment when an attractive male actually pays me attention and tries to get to know me

and and there’s like 2 minutes before my shift starts and I have nothing to say… I’m pretty sure he thought I was just being coy and mysterious but seriously

, I was not in the right mind frame to talk to anyone, I more busy preparing myself to take on my work shift.

I think i could have a dating life i just need to be prepared for it first. On a strange coincidental note, his name is either milo or mellow. Which if it is Mellow that’s the same name as the guy I met 6-8 months ago from receiving (where he works) that was hitting on me, although i was more annoyed by the other mellow because he was not my type and was interrupting me from watching my kdramas during my lunch, Although, since the kdramas that are out right now are kind of crappy maybe now is a good time to get a boyfriend.  

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